k3b doesn't recognized a empty dvd


I’m Trying to save an iso image into a DVD.

I open K3b, choose the file, k3b checks the checksum (it’s fine).

In a window section, a message "Please insert an empty DVD +r(W)

The DVD is already in.

Is there a solution to this ?

Thanks for feedbacks


Try ejecting the dvd and and closing it (remounting) when that happens.

I find it that it’s better to put dvd in last, after opening K3b and choosing the file to burn.

Don’t slap me for pointing out the obvious, but make sure you’re using the right flavor of blank DVD, too. Some drives won’t even “see” the wrong type (ex., put a DVD-R into a DVD+RW drive).

If the drive “sees” the blank, you’ll typically get a “what do you want to do?” dialog from KDE, even if K3B is opened.

My machines was making updates… maybe one of the update was that bug

Now it works!

Thanks a lot!