K3b doesn't recognize cdrom drive

I have 2 drives: reader and burner. Since new installation of 11.1, K3b doesn’t recognise the reader. Any ideas?

It’s an old issue. in YaST–>>User and Group management add yourself to cdrom and disk group.
Logout and login back.

Thank you! It’s ok now.
Being a newbie, that issue was so old that I didn’t know it! :shame:

No worries there, the community is here for You:) But next time i propose search first:) You’d find it easily:)

Here is the relevant bug report. The linked comment contains a patch that will be released via online update shortly.

Adding yourself to the disk group is a workaround but is unsafe as it bypasses security - you should revert that change if you manually apply the patch from the BR or when the online update comes out.

Another way around this problem is to logout, login as root, open K3b (which will then probe the second drive) and then logout as root, log back in as user and see if it remembers the drive (it did for me)

Indeed you have to be a member of the disk-group. But there’s also this: In your advanced systemsettings you find k3bSetup. Run it once and permissions will be set as required.

Spoke too soon, it reverts back after a restart.

How do I change permissions for the drive in K3B in 10.3? I open up K3B configuration and don’t see a way of doing so.

Thank you…