K3b does not close after burning DVD

When using K3b to burn a distro DVD, using KDE desktop in Leap 15.3; K3b completes the burn, however I cannot close K3b in red"x" of in file commands.
Any advice please

You may have to eject the DVD you burnt to allow K3b to quit –

  • Normally K3b ejects the medium after the burn has completed …
  • It may well be, that you took a look at the DVD after it was burnt and, in that process the DVD was mounted – it’ll have to be unmounted before you can quit K3B because, there’ll be some compute threads which are binding K3b to that DVD …

I always eject disc . After completion. Then turn to displayed KDE page to close it.
The screen stays inactive, just displaying itself without any command being recognised.
It is not viewed in Task Manager, at this time, which is where I would normally close any active screen. If I have problems
This behaviour is not new, it was also there in LEAP15.2
I just shut down to get rid of this 'permanent display of KDE dialogue.
However as i only use a standard KDE desktop with packman active for graphics (BBC video does not show with base LEAP),
I wondered if any other person has noticed this .

There should be a logfile. Here it’s ~/.local/share/k3b/lastlog.log

Maybe that can shed some light?

Thanks . I will see if that gives me any help. However I may not be able to make sense of it. Here lies hope! Thanks