k3b decided to give me DVD capacity immediately

First of all, this isn’t really a problem for me, but I’m just curious.

In the past when I started a data CD project, I remember that k3b used to start me with a “blank CD” of 700MB and then expand to a “blank DVD” of 4.4GB when the amount of data exceeded the capacity of a CD. Normally I just make an ISO image for the CD and burn on another machine (for a reason not relevant here).

Today, it started me off with a “blank DVD” right away. It’s not a problem because the ISO format isn’t different and the data is under 700MB anyway. How come?

Ah wait, I think I know what it is, there’s a DVD+RW in the drive at the moment so k3b got too smart and assumed that I wanted to write to it, even though I selected Create image only.

Sometimes software has a mind of its own. :wink:

Oh Intellectual One !
We need these little peculiarities and idiosyncrasies to keep us on our toes :wink: