K3B cannoy copy DVD

Hi There,

I have a new pc (Pentium Dual Core 2.5/2GB Ram with a brand new LG DVD Mulitwriter)

When I try to copy a non copyrighted DVD it reads the source disk all the way trough and gets to 50% of the progress. When K3B ask for the empty disk, I insert the empty DVD in the drive and it starts the writing process.

Within two minutes it gives the message that it clears the cache and the progress bar jumps from 50% to 100% and it starts closing the disk. I have wasted 5 empty DVD’s this way.

Am i doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be very helpful.



At the risk of over simplifying the issue, what version of K3B are you using? K3B version 1.66 is tacky at best for use with writing DVD’s Try backing down to the KDE3 version (something like version 1.0.5, I think). If you have the packman Repo on your system you will find it there, & yes it will install beside KDE4 version 1.66, but you will need to start it from the start menu.

Thanks Lycopis,

I see that i am using K3B 1.05. Any other possible suggestions?


Check k3b section here
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Consider k9copy from packman repo.

Generally when I copy such dvd’s in k3b I select create image only and it will drop the .iso in /tmp/kde-username*
Then use that to burn a new dvd.