K3B cannot unmount disk.

K3B cannot unmount a disk when I try to record something and issues a failure notice. I then unmount the disk myself (sudo umount /dev/sr0), run K3B again and the burn is successful. Anybody else seen this? Is it a permission problem, do we think? It’s K3B 19.07.90-lp151.117.1.


Sorry, these are the messages from K3B:

:-(/dev/sr0: unable to proceed with recoding: unable to unmount.

Fatal error at startup: Device or resource busy.

Device or resource busy.

Are you sure there is nowhere a process that uses anything on that device? That does not only include “having a file open”, but alos “using it as a working directory” (a shell with cd into it, or a file manager that points to a directory, etc.)

Konsole wasn’t looking at the file’s directory, nor was xterm. And I ran lsof on /dev (lsof +D /dev) and nothing came back for /dev/sr0; I ran fuser /dev/sr0 and nothing came back. But perhaps I wasn’t using these commands correctly.