K3b and Suse 11.0

I recently did an upgrade install of 11.0 from a 10.3 system. 11.0 seemed to fix a number of small annoyances that I was having in 10.3, which is great. It also fixed a small annoyance with K3b. Also great. However, a different kind of annoyance has now popped up.

I can open K3b just fine. I can open the “Copy DVD” dialog just fine, as long as there’s no DVD in the drive. If there is a DVD in the drive, there’s some spin up, and then a crash. Hard one. Complete system freeze. The drive stops spinning, the mouse stops moving, the keyboard seems unresponsive. Ctrl-Alt-Bckspace does nothing. Ctrl-Alt-F1 does nothing. I have to use the power button on the box to force it to shut down.

The problem occurs whether I’m using KDE3 or KDE4, it occurs with both encrypted and unencrypted video DVDs, it even occurs with data DVDs. It does not occur with data or music CDs. I’ve only experienced problems while using K3b. I can browse and work with contents of data DVDs in Krusader and Konqueror just fine, and I can use VLC and Kaffiene to watch video DVDs just fine.

This is trouble. Anyone know where to start to fix it? Thank you!


Even if someone can give you a workaround… it’s a bug, report it!!!
If happens with k3b from openSUSE report it at https://bugzilla.novell.com/
If happens only with k3b from Packman report it clicking on packager name at PackMan :: Package details for k3b

Ok. I’ve reported the bug on the KDE bug report site. The same crash happens with both the Suse repo version and the Packman version.


Update: It also doesn’t work if I have a blank DVD in the drive and try to open the “Burn ISO” dialog. Same freeze.