K3B and CDROM Group

No matter how this reads … there is no anger or malice towards anyone. Just would like to know, when, it was decided that a ‘user’ - had to be a member - of CDROM group in order to create a CD or DVD. I just wasted (hearts and flowers please) a whole lot of time trying to find out why I was getting the new and cryptic, to me, message “Unable to fixate the disk” when I tried to create my latest version 11.4 disk. The final answer was to add myself to the CDROM group. Now I have been using SuSE/openSuSE since version 6. I -never- in all that time had to be a member of CDROM group in order to create a disk. Things like this make it difficult to get new Linux users. IF there is gona be a change then say something about it in the error message. One of the items that should be stated in the ‘error messages’ is that you must be a member of the CDROM group. These cryptic messages are a pain.

Not experiencing this.
There was a bug in the 11.2 release that caused this. But was fixed in updates and so I’m sure it doesn’t apply to you.

Hmmmmm… that’s interesting. I am using 11.3 annnddd… it seems to have changed between the time I created an 11.4 m3 disc and now this one, the 11.4 m4 disc. I do believe that I accepted some updates to 11.3, during this time, that I had been putting off. So this “change” has happened with a recent update. I put the updates off as long as possible cause they always mess with my VMware. Unforntunately, I don’t have a record of which updates I accepted but there must have been a K3B update in one of them.