Just shell login after update


I’ve managed to install openSUSE 11.1 with any problem at all to my Fujitsu laptop.
There were some problem with the sound, but with the help of the troubleshooting guide in this forum, I’ve managed to fix it.
Then I started to update through by the built in updateapplet after finishing updating the system wanted a reboot. I’ve done the reboot. But if at boot I select the normal boot (not failsafe) I just have the shell login, and there is no GUI (no x-window started).
If I select to boot as failsafe the gui starts but the screen resolution and other not as in normal mode (because of the failsafe mode).

Are there anything that I’ve done wrong?
Or somebody can help me how to fix it?
I’m a newbee to linux

Thx for your help in advance


This indicates that you have an NVidia of ATI graphics card. During update you installed a new kernel, which means that the driver for the videocard, which is a kernel module, is no longer matching the running kernel. Reinstall the driver (there’s loads of posts on how to do that, howto’s on opensuse.org as well), and you should be back in gui-ness. If you boot Failsafe the driver is not used, framebuffer is used in that case to display the GUI.


Thanks man for your reply.

Highly appreciated.