Just saying thanks!

Finally found a good distro that fits just exactly how I like it! (Did that make sense? ;))

28 US Army, stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. My job (MOS) in the Army is 25U essentially “Signal Systems Support Specialist.”

Had Vista then XP then Windows 7 on this HP Pavillion DV5-1160US. Took a heck of a lot of time and my XP disc was scratched to all hell hah.

Love the interface, love the 1/2 dock setup you can do looks sexy with the Clear Looks theme (if that’s what you call it, I noticed there is essentially 4 “themes” inside a single theme in Linux.)

Mainly right now just reading up on a heck of a lot of wikis (got a favorites menu in firefox of “Linux Wikis” lol…Linus Trovalds made all this possible. Imagine a dos/unix-box type of OS to what we have today with OpenSuSE. Awesome…and it was all brought together by the Linux community (nipping and tucking) as well as the Linux Developers actually encoding and writing the scripts.

Awesome guys.

Live Life, Live Well!


Welcome and enjoy!

A comfortably fitting distro? That makes sense to me. It’s advanced a long way. Enjoy your adventures and our forum. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Linux and openSUSE Cameron, and thanks for the good wishes.

Welcome, you came to the right place. Glad you found it.