just saying Hi

Hi Guys and gal’s Just installed a day ago Used mandriva before but thought id give suse a go. Must say I quite like it, Getting used to yast. and everything works including the printer which didn’t in mandriva. so I’m a happy chappy. :slight_smile:

Welcome to openSUSE
Hope you enjoy your time with us.

Hi and welcome,
Glad you like it and it’s working with your system. Enjoy!

Hello reaper-man and welcome to the community!:slight_smile:

Good to hear you like it!

Good luck!:wink:

A warm welcome here, reaper-man.

Enjoy, in case of trouble, drop in here, if you can provide help to others, do so as well. If you just like it too.

Thanks Everyone
I know i’ll enjoy the os and the company of the suse community . :slight_smile: I’ll probably need help sooner than later hehe.