Just Sayin "Hi" .... again...!

Hey Folks…
great to be back in Canada… and back on a computer…
I used these forums late last century, or was it earlier this century… either way good to be back… !
Been busy in the music world and been on the road… should be sticking in one place for a while… 8 )
And to make my homecoming extra cool… suse 11.1 64 bit is installed and running fine… great stuff !
is harryC still kickin’ around? That guys posts and snakedrivers posts saved my proverbial bacon when I first got into SuSE… !
anyhow folks, enuff pleasantries…!
back to artificial intelligence and recording !
the Thin White GYpsy

Welcome back.

harryc is now harryc56 - one of the Global Mods. snakedriver is still kicking around here too. :slight_smile: