Just Random Questions About openSUSE and PPC Use

Hey guys! I’m new here. I recently got a PPC iBook G3 for free from a friend and I don’t like Mac OS’s very much so I thought I’d go Linux. Ubuntu doesn’t officially support PPC’s anymore and then I tried Debian but the community support was not too welcoming. Debian worked fine but I had a hard time getting the drivers to load and it was pretty inconsistent. I was wondering if:

  1. Does openSUSE support the PPC?
  2. Are there any PPC issues besides not being able to open the disc drive(Which I don’t use)?
  3. Does Airport network card work with openSUSE?

Thanks for any help guys! I’m new and I’m just getting the hang of Linux. I got the Airport card to work on the PPC but only for two days until I got errors on Debian. Hopefully openSUSE will be a better experience. I’m excited because I know openSUSE has a bigger community and hopefully willing to help a noob out!

Sorry PPC has been dropped. Apparently there were just not enough users to justify the packaging and development efforts.