Just lost all sound..

Hi all,
I have 13.1x64, with XFCE - clean install - for a couple of weeks, all worked fine
today, I wanted I installed pavucontrol, to switch sound via hdmi (used to work 12.1) - and since then no sound at all!
any help? all tests / diagnostics from SDB didn’t really help

Try zapping the pules config files in (I think it was moved in12.3 it is ~/.pulse) ~/config/pulse for 13.1 log out then back in

I removed the pulse folder (with all files under .config/pulse)

and actually reinstalled yast2 sound module - which I probably accidentally removed at some point
anyway, the sound back on - still only through the speakers (no through HDMI), but better than no sound…

Is the HDMI device configured in the Yast sound section?

You will have to decide which you want to use unless you install pavucontrol and use it to control what stream goes to what device.