Just Looking at the Water ~ Not even Dipping in my Toes

Hi Forum Members:
I scuttled to Ubuntu in 2007, as a Windows refugee.
In a nutshell, my disgruntlement with the direction Ubuntu seems to be taking since 11.4 is making me look again, so I’m considering OpenSuse.

Two programs are vital for me:

  1. Dropbox because I share files with my mates, some of whom still use Windows.

  2. Moneydance for a similar reason. We do communal shopping for food and household cleaning stuff and need to keep track on who owes what to whom.

We need all to remain in sync for these reasons.

I could ask a load of really dumb questions, and am not particularly savvy with PC’s, although I seem to hobble along somehow.

I do like to get my PC to behave the way I want it to, not what the distro makers want me to use it.

I tried Suse Linux in 1997, and found it rather puzzling.

Kind regards


Dropbox = Yes

Moneydance = No idea, it’s not in the search I used. But someone might build it for you

It seems like Moneydance is available as a RPM (or generic Linux) from their homepage. It should work on OpenSUSE.


Honestly, the software center is about the only thing easier in Ubuntu. At least in my opinion.

Once you figure out the package management system here in openSUSE you are pretty much good to go. I am a fairly recent Ubuntu convert(my wife still uses it!) but have been very happy with my short time spent here in the SUSE community. Everyone including the folks in IRC seem friendly and more than willing to help with technical issues.

The forums are well done and laid out in a way that is easy to navigate. When you are newish like me that is a pretty big deal! Frankly, I think a good hub is important for any community.

The online software search function is awesome https://build.opensuse.org/
The documentation seems to be laid out nicely, though i admit im not all that familiar with it.

All in all, i’m happy i made the transition, I love YaST, SUSE studio, the SUSE build service, its all pretty awesome.

Ya know what, i’m buying an openSUSE hat!

cast iron wrote:

> It seems like Moneydance is available as a RPM (or generic Linux) from
> their homepage. It should work on OpenSUSE.
> ‘Moneydance’ (http://http://moneydance.com/other)

Moneydance runs just fine on openSUSE - I run 2010r3(756) on my 11.3 DT (KDE
4.5.5), and am testing 2011Beta on my 11.4 laptop(KDE 4.6.3).

The RPM is broken. Doesn’t install. At least on my system. But the generic works. Just download, unpack and start.

Only you can decide which way to go!
Linux is NOT for everyone, My main work laptops have swappable hard drives and only one of these drives has windows XP installed.
(I need it for when I do contract work with certain companies where I MUST USE WINDOWS!)
For everything else, since 1995 I use Linux. I like Debian and OpenSuSE and alternate back and forth depending what hardware I use.

I for one will never use anything else. GOOD LUCK!

Thanks to everyone for your kind and informative replies.
I have three laptops, so don’t see why not to install Suse then use the two and make the transition gradually.
btw one thing I really miss is the neat little character palette in gnome ubuntu which sits in your toolbar. It’s ever so good and it just sits there, you click and get say the letter ‘a’ which flashes up with all its variants and accents. Brilliant. Now they’ve snatched it away.
The character map is not the same thing.

Oh well -enough grumbling. I’ll pluck up courage and take the plunge!

Kind regards


Swappable hard drives is an idea I’m very keen on, due to physical restrictions of my hands. I’d need some “parenting” though including the physical aspects of what needs doing as I have to get my caregiver to connect/disconnect/unscrew or snap in parts so I need to redirect any instructions given.

Ordered a DVD of SUSE and taking the plunge today! lol!

Kind regards, John