just installed linux

I am currently upgrading to 4.2 and was wondering if it will overwrite all my files or just reload them on the desktop when it is done installing

I also want to delete the previous windows partition that was just there, although I suppose I should be asking these questions at the login/installation forum, right?

my computer has the following specs:

nvidia geforce graphics mx 400

processor intel 4 cpu

2,405.59 mhz

1.5 gb ram
36.8 mb free memory
2.0 gb free swap

and 47.3 gb space left on my approx. 100 gb hard drive

the 47.3 is a little low considering I have about nothing on here

but that is why I want to get rid of the windows partition for now

anyway the main reason I am posting on this forum as that I can’t seem to play videos on youtube after upgrading the adobe flashplayer, and allowing javascript

can anyone help me install all necessary drivers/plugins so I can get this thing going, I want to watch dvds with this thing also

also, the internet works great, gui works great, everything is mostly fast with a few minor bugs, happy to be using linux:)

If you haven’t already read the permanent How-To and FAQ postings, please do - they contain links to this issue and other typical issues. Very good material.

NEW Users - openSuse Pre-install (general) – PLEASE READ - openSUSE Forums
openSUSE 11.2 | SUSE Linux | Beginner’s guide multimedia MP3 DVD codecs 3D nvidia ati wireless wlan wifi rpm kde howto
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

Possibly some other links as well. I recall seeing at least two guide that helped get my Flash working. The first one didn’t (for me), the 2nd one did the trick.

alright I’ll check that out

I just installed linux nvidia drivers on the computer, but it still hasn’t seemed to help me play videos it still says I have flash player disabled or I don’t have javascript enabled

 really weird, I guess I could look over those read me's one more time

You need to install flash player for playing videos in browser. Which broswer you are using? system architecture 32bit or 64bit?

You can install flash from terminal:

zypper in flash-player

I’m pretty sure I’m using a 32 bit operating system.

how do I do what you were saying?

whenever I try and enter a command into the command line terminal, it never works

but flash player has been installed, and javascript has been allowed, and for some reason I still can't play videos on youtube or google video

In this case open terminal and type the following and hit enter button. After that restart the browser and try again.

sudo cp /usr/lib/flash-plugin/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/browser-plugins/

bash: cdsudo: command not found

this was the reply

thanks for the help btw

also, in about 5 minutes I’m going to install linux 4.2, will this erase all files and any plugins I’ve just installed now?

For the above code follow these instructions.

1- Open terminal.
2- Type this:


and now enter your root password
3- Now type this:

cp /usr/lib/flash-plugin/libflashplayer.so /usr/lib/browser-plugins/

Also at the mean time you can check your browser plugins for flash.
For firefox: goto Tools in the menu and select Add-ons and choose plugins tab to see whether flash is detected or not.

For linux4.2, i assume you mean Puppy linux?
No, if you intsall it on another partition it will not effect this installation at all. In case you are not formating and cleaning this installation.

as soon as I typed you it gave me this:

bash: cdsu: command not found

am I supposed to be using the other terminal?

wow linux is really difficult, I heard using the command line made linux more efficient than linux, but so far it has been extremely difficult to use

as for installing 4.2, yes, I basically only want one partition to save space, so I was planning to delete this one, although to be honest, I just wanted to keep the wallpaper, lol, although I’m sure I can just select the same one again
but mostly I’m wondering if completely adding this 4.2 will write over all the plug ins and whatnot, it probably will right? So is linux 4.2 worth using over 4.0? Or is it just a minor improvement? ALthough as for the plug ins, it doesn’t look like I’ve gotten any to really work anyways, so that shouldn’t be to big of a deal right? Lol:shame:

hey, I’m sorry

what application do I use to open this thing?

Please refer to your this thread, where i and Carl is replying to your questions…which are almost the same.

hello, I want to delete old windows partition - openSUSE Forums

lol - i’d swear you just redirected me to the same thread

let me read over all this again

ok, well, I tried entering your commands without cd\ first, and it logged me in, but it didn’t seem to install the flash plug ins

as for what application I use to open that disk partitioner, I still don’t know, I’ll try and find out later. I downloaded it, but it won’t let me open it unless I select an application to open it with

thanks for all the help

I’ll be back on tommorow

as for kde 4.2 - I’m sure it’s not so important directly at the moment, after all my version 4.0 seems to work just fine

Lol is linux confusing to me or what, but it’s really fun none the less
thanks for the help - see you tommorow

There is no need to play around with that gparted software anymore, as you already have a system installed now. Just leave that for a while.
You can install desktop options, which are KDE, Gnome, XFCE etc etc.

About flash, it seems that you did not install it yet. Follow the post about the installation, which i posted to your post as a reply for installation in the previous page.

Linux is not confusing, you need some time to read some useful manual to go through and understand the basic idea and things about Linux and distros, packaging, software installation.

Terminal is different form widnows CMD. you need to learn the commands about terminal to install and play with terminal. So in this case its quite different in Linux. No more windows CMD tricks here.

got you

I definately tried installing flash player though, lmao 15 times, I counted, and everytime it went through completely and never said it didn’t work

so I have no idea, I tried it on youtube, AND google video, AND it said it didn’t work

I can go back through the commands a little more and try again, probably won’t work, but anyway I’ll give it a shot, and yeah, you’re right, no biggie for now, I can do all the basic things I need to do just fine, they work like a charm, so I’ll save the video watching for later, maybe I’ll buy a linux book

Try to read the following post carefully and follow the steps to install flash player. and check it in the browser plugin after installation. Hope this will help.

Programming and Linux: Install flash plugin for Firefox/others in Linux

If you think, the terminal way is a bit difficult, then make sure that the following components are installed in YaST software management.
Check out the screen shot.


Check this directory that flash plugin is there.

If not, run the command from the above mentioned link to copy the plugin after installation.

hmm, I’ll have to go over this a bit

I definately installed flash player, and definately ran the commands you gave me, but I didn’t do any of the other stuff you said

I’ll have to get back to you on this

thanks for the help

really good help, how do I get to that directory anyway? I don’t seem to be good at linux navigation