Just installed 11.3 on Lenovo G550 laptop - need help setting up trackpad and keyboard

I can’t find a tool to change keyboard layout. I’d like to swap the capslock and control keys.

Trackpad scrolling isn’t working. I can’t even find a mouse settings control panel anywhere in Yast. I would like to enable trackpad scrolling and adjust the cursor speed. Where/how do I do that?

I would like to install Skype, VLC, Chromium, Qalculate and a few others that aren’t in the repo. What’s the recommended way?


I made some progress. But trackpad scrolling still isn’t working.

I found the System Settings touchpad tool. It gives me this message:

Touchpad configuration is not supported on this system. The synaptics driver is either not loaded or too old. Refer to the documentation…

Which documentation would I refer to? Where do I find the driver? Thanks

I found this link:
[SOLVED] Touchpad problem](http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-hardware-18/touchpad-problem-835834/)

That makes it sound like the inability to configure the trackpad is a known bug without a solution. Is that still true? (The link says “solved” but their solution was to plug in a USB mouse. That’s not my idea of a solution.)

Apparrently the touchpad scrolling will work with Arch Linux: