Just installed 11.2

I just upgraded from 10.2 to 11.2 today, and once again found that my wireless card would not work after the upgrade. Earlier in the year I tried updating to 11.0, but gave up and reverted to 10.2 after I was unable to get the wireless card to work. However, after editing the card definition in Network Devices under Yast, the wireless card is communicating with the wireless DLink router and through that with the DSL modem.

The card, a Dlink 624, had been working in 10.2, after much work on my part - consulting the web, downloading from Madwifi, installing kernel packages, etc. The good news is that 11.2 was easier. However, it was necessary to delete the auto-definition of the DLink card that the upgrade had configured.

Essentially, there were two wireless definitions (four network interfaces all told), one for Dlink and one for Atheros (chip maker of my card). I edited the Atheros definition, which at least was correctly identified as a wireless card, and added the necessary info about DHCP, mode (managed), SSID, WEP etc.

When I finished editing my definition, YAST recognized that a package needed to be installed and prompted me for the installation disk. When installation completed YAST brought up the interface and (obviously) it works because it is now transmitting this text.

This is not as seamless as it may be with other OS, but it is better than it was in previous versions of Linux. Thanks to all who contributed, and to those who are struggling with the issue now, hang in there. It’s doable. :wink: