Just Installed 11.1 - I couldn't resist it !!

I decided to install 11.1 on my main box today. It had been on 11.0 _64, but this time I have just gone x86

I never had problems with _64 - it all worked out of the box, just an odd bit of Java here and there was a issue. But I wanted to see if I would get better Flash performance, and I don’t really need _64.

The install was totally trouble free. I did a New install, just keeping /home.
No issues at all, and everything was up and running again in an hour or so, considering I had 1.4GB of updates and 3rd party packages to add after the initial install - not too bad!
nVidia, multi-media, the works!!

Back with kde4.2 beta and loving it. By the way, watch for the repo changes due soon. Details TBC.:wink:

Good to hear it. My impression from the reviews I have read is that most reviewers have found it works out of the box.

I’ll be making the shift shortly as my current machine is beginning to have mechanical problems and I decided to wait till I get a new machine to make the shift.