Just installed 11.1 and now can't boot into Windows

I can not boot into windows after I installed 11.1. I did this before w/ ubuntu and my wife **** near divorced me. I am getting an error message when trying to boot into windows that sais I am missing <Windows boot>\System32\hal.dll

Please help as I do like my life and wish to stay married.

You will get more responses if you change the title of this to something intelligent.

i would start with popping in the opensuse 11.1 install disk and choose ‘repair installed system’ … do the automatic first … at one time it will ask you to fix grub (or whatever bootloader you chose) … make sure winxp is on the list …

If the repair did not work, then boot into openSUSE, open a terminal, and do:

su -
fdisk -lu
cat /etc/grub.conf
cat /boot/grub/device.map
cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

Post all the output back here.

Usually that error indicates that there is a problem with the Windows partition boot sector. What version of Windows are you using?