Just curious...

Had a bit of a worry today - I installed and configured an HP USB inkjet printer (7260) and then was fooling around with a game, when the system hung. On reboot, it would mount all partitions, then stop at:

Setting up loopback interface lo
lo IPaddress:

…and just sit there. I tried failsafe mode but got the same results. After fretting for a while, and on a whim, I unplugged the USB cable to the printer and the system booted normally. I had a HP 7450 USB printer that just died and never had this problem. I guess openSuSE is getting confused about what’s on the other end of the USB interface?

Sometimes your BIOS will have options about how to deal with USB. Might well not help altering them, but I’d be surprised if it did any harm…

Additionally. I have seen USB hubs throw a booting system in to weired and wonderful behavior.

Thanks - no hubs here… and the other printer caused no such problems - maybe it was some sort of transient state caused by the combination of a new printer and a game crash…
FWIW: 11.0 x86_64 dual Athalon, Asus M2A-VM mobo 3GB, XFX video, SATA drives