Just completed a 12.2 How to for Nvidia

After 10 days I finally got my nvidia for newbies thread up it’s here:
Opinions please?

On 08/13/2012 11:36 AM, Sagemta wrote:
> Opinions please?

i always appreciate those willing to be helpful! so, thank you!

i don’t now have a nvidia graphics, so i didn’t read it all…but, i did
notice you used several variations of letters and capitals to refer to
our favorite operating system–and would ask you in the future to please
use the one trademarked way: openSUSE

and, the other thing that caught my eye was “When you see the # sign
that means as root one gets there by typing in su then giving their root
password” and in that case the ‘right’ way to become root is not by
typing “su”, but rather “su -”…

which, you can read more about here: http://tinyurl.com/ydbwssh


I read your tiny url. Didn’t know this until today. It’s too late I think to correct it for 12.2 but, maybe for 12.3 I’ll have both right!

On 08/14/2012 01:36 AM, Sagemta wrote:
> Didn’t know this until today.

i still learn something every day also!
usually several things a day…

lots to learn here…which is one reason it is so good to have some
guides to help the new folks! again: Thanks!


In the first part you miscounted. You have step 13 twice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Still, it should be handy when my 11.4 EOLs. TIA

Yes an odd error the result of going back & forth between the forum and Libre office.

Why the big guns? I would and sometimes do use something small, like KWrite.

One of those things that got stuck in my head.

After I noticed the 2nd 13 & I couldn’t get a 14, it became a case of lesson learned from step 15 on it was done from kwrite. Good thing it can be c&p’d so easy to kwrite from LO.