Just Came in to Rubbish it Before Deletion

So… I go get 12.3 and burn the ISO. First problem… It falls over. I have to discover I should add nomodeset to the ‘boot’ line to avoid some blither with KLM or somesuch. Chunder chunder, it installs, I boot from disk, it shows me Grub2 with the new low resolution, half of it missing off the right side of the screens and slow response time. It tries to boot Suse and falls over… didn’t set nomodeset. Falls over ‘Display Does Not Support Resolution’… this is not in sequence. I move back to Mint, FFS, and reinstall Grub2 for another try… ending up with 6 entries for Suse plus I notice, I am a novice, I get the opportunity to ‘e’ and add nomodeset to the end of the appropriate line. Try again… kernel panic. Back to Mint. Obviously ‘we’ are proud to say you can use Linux to fix Windows but here I am using Mint to Fix Suse. Install Grub-Customizer and have a look. Turns out Suse does not use UUIDs and can neither find itself or otherwise find where the /home is. Blah Blah Blah. So I ‘fix that’, including messing about with fstab and it finally boots to KDE. Brilliant NOT. First time around it gets no network connection, second time it does. Now it decides to YaST!!1!!. UhmKay. I sit there for a while as the system updates and then I think to myself… it’s going to update grub2. Sure enough after life is over I reboot and I am back to new low resolution and unresponsive grub2 with some deformed rat at the side of it. Aha! I thinks, I’ll just hit ‘e’ and add nomodeset. I end up with an uneditable textbox with no contents. Back to Mint to install some sensible sort of grub2, although next time Suse chooses to update its kernel this is going to happen again… I get back in. Surprisingly I have not slit my wrists yet or bounced the computer down the garden path and torched it with WD40. Perhaps I am evolving some kind of immunity. First task… import from Evolution to Kmail. Falls over.

OK so I might need a bit of assistance here but in fact I do not because from what I can see prior to signing up to the forums is you have some ‘blue skeleton’ bloke going blah then giving up with meh and then leaving zombies in his wake ‘Run YaST’ ‘No What Part of Does Not Boot Does Not Make Sense to YOU?’. It really does not help that the sign up process was for rubbish as well. I had to go through multiple servers and whatever in expectation that Novell is actually going to attempt to sell me this rubbish? Whatever.

Failed repeatedly at the first level. Will fail again. Due to be Terminated With Extreme Prejudice. Gosh… you mean it was my fault you could not get it right?

Please, do sort yourselves out.

> I have not slit my wrists yet

please keep trying.
and stick to Mint, it is obviously what works for you.


Thank you for the ‘Love’.

I might mention, in various shades of grey{gray} that Mint does not, completely, work for me, Neither does Debian or Fedora… I am attempting to migrate from Ununtu and the next on my, Fail, List was Open Suse. At least Mint, Debian and Fedora managed to get past the first hurdle of booting up without doing nasties to grub2.

Still… I suppose if you lurve your distro then when it phails for others you will return to you iSuse

Obviously I am on hallowed ground here. I say it is rubbish and you invite me to commit suicide as a result. Trust me. I am not looking for advice I just want you to ‘fix it’.

Are you ‘the man’ or are you just vacant testosterone?

No Install//Boot/Login problem or question asked here (at least I can not detect it between all those lines, sorry).

Will be moved to Soapbox. CLOSED for the moment.

Sorry to hear of your experience.
But for now I plan to close this thread so no slinging of unmentionables takes place

DD please respect the closure for now.

Move from Install/Boot/Login and open again.

Well. looking further into it, I concur with caf4926. It is not worth having this at all. I will close it.