Just about to install

I’m running in live mode as I type and I’m just about to install openSUSE 11.1 on my Windows xp PC. The only thing that is stopping me is that when I press the install button I get a warning message saying that

If you continue now, existing partitions on your hard drive will be deleted or formatted(erasing any existing data in those partitions)

In the live installations settings panel it shows;

Shrink Windows partition /dev/sda1 to 90.94 GB
Create extended partition /dev/sda2 (58.11 GB)
Create swap partition /dev/sda5 (1.55 GB)
Create root partition /dev/sda6 (20.00 GB) with ext3
Create partition /dev/sda7 (36.56 GB) for /home with ext3
Set mount point of /dev/sdb5 to /windows/D

I’m guessing it’s not going to delete the Window part with all my software etc but I can’t bring myself to press the final install button.

Any advice anyone?


it looks OK to me.
It says shrink
Shrink Windows partition /dev/sda1 to 90.94 GB

Its grabbing
Create extended partition /dev/sda2 (58.11 GB)

Defrag windows first.!! Have YOU?

You have 2 windows disks, right?

Hi caf4926,
Yes I made sure I did a defrag on both drives first and in fact I then uninstalled a few gigs worth of games etc and then I defrag’ed again to make sure.

Hi Prexy,
If you mean do I have 2 hard drives! then yes but Windows is only installed on the C drive. I use the second one just to save stuff like Photos, tunes etc plus if Windows fails I only have the pain of reinstalling XP and my software.

:question:On the subject of Hard drives, when/if I go ahead with the install and all goes well will I be able to access anything on the other partitions/drives or even from windows? so I can copy data around etc.

Thanks for your help
btw, you may have guessed I’m newish Linux

With ntsf-3g installed, you can move around between disks. I have two disks. One is XP, the other opensuse. I barely ever look at the XP disk. It is sort of an archive of my old docs. I use it to run programs that I would use only occasionally and it would be too much of a bother to move to suse.

This might be your experience after a while. Not now, but think about moving everything off of sdb and give it over to suse. You may never look back.

You might want to consider that as you have 2 HD’s you can keep the MBR of the XP install safe.
Setting the D drive as you call it to be 1st to boot of the HD’s.

Partitioning/Install Guide - openSUSE Forums

Ok thanks for the help and it has given me something to think about. I also have an Acer Aspire one so I’m thinking I may try an install it on that first as it has nothing on it but the OS.

As for my main PC I think it would be better if I wait until I have more time and I can do a full back up.
Thanks for your help.