Just a tiny question

Hi, I am currently using the factory OSS and non-oss repo for 11 rc1, so when should I switch to version 11’s oss and non-oss, I don’t think they r online yet right?

As you are running the rc and have upted using the factory repos you are in affect already running 11.0. The factory database was frozen last week and is the same as the final release of 11.0.

The distribution download for 11.0 is now shown on the mirror websites but is locked until the formal release date of later this week.

So what your saying is shutting off the factory repos would be fine right now since they probably don’t update them anymore right?

yeah I was wondering the same thing…

See this:

openSUSE 11.0 Final Repo’s have been pushed out - openSUSE Forums

The 11.0 repo is now avaliable :o)