Just a sharing: About broadcom-wl & Debug kernal.

I’m using 11.1 KDE4.2 x86-64,not the one download from suse website,but another one KDE4 Live CD with KDE4.2 integrated. Everything run smooth,even with latest ATI 9.1 driver.
My wifi chips is Broadcom 4312 0x4315,which is not support by bcm43xx driver,experts in forum said I gotta use ndiswrapper or Broadcom hybrid driver,yesterday,I install that hybrid driver,a Debug opensuse 11.1 2.6.27-9.1 also installed,then I tried normal boot,wifi not detect,I tried boot into new Debug kernal,my wifi led lights up when I press the switch,it WORK! No extra setting,just apply the Debug kernal. Great!:wink: