Just a curiosity of mine - when is Yast2 going to be updated to Ruby3?

About eight months back TW updated the Ruby packages to v3, but they (yast devs?), mentioned at the time that they weren’t going to update to v3 yet, for reasons…

As of yesterday TW now has access to Ruby 3.0.3 and it reminded me of yast, so as a no-big-deal question does anyone have any insight to the why and the when of upgrading Yast2 to use Ruby v3?


looks like the answer is ‘soon’ - taken from snapshot 1203:

==== yast2 ==== Version update (4.4.22 -> 4.4.27) Subpackages: yast2-logs - Drop support for subscription-tools, that package is not present in SLE15 anymore - removed modules/ProductProfiles.rb file (bsc#1193339) - 4.4.27 - Popup.YesNo(): Unify the internal [No] button ID (bsc#1193326) - 4.4.26 - Add register_target to the Y2Packager::Product class (bsc#1193212). - 4.4.25 - Do not crash when it is not possible to fetch the package containing the release notes (bsc#1193148). - 4.4.24 - Prepare code for ruby3 (bsc#1193192) - 4.4.23

thanks to bmwiedemann for the update:

I just read from Josef Reidinger (one of the yast devs) that work on ruby3-support is ongoing.

taken from snapshot 1208:

==== yast2-journal ====
Version update (4.4.0 -> 4.4.1)

  • Prepare code for ruby3 (bsc#1193192)
  • 4.4.1

==== yast2-users ====
Version update (4.4.9 -> 4.4.10)

  • Prepare code for ruby3 (bsc#1193192)
  • 4.4.10

Unless I am greatly mistaken i think the moment has arrived - yast now being built with Ruby 3.0:


==== ruby ==== Version update (2.7 -> 3.0)

  • switch the default ruby to 3.0