Jumping cursor,

I have a jumping cursor and also it autofills while typing.
Regarding the jumping cursor, I found a link Disable Touchpad Temporarily When Typing « Ubuntu Blog
I want to add this code each time I login.

syndaemon -t -d

All posts on the net suggest go to Kmenu > System settings > Advanced > Autostart.
I cant see System settings anywhere.
How do I add the code at login so that my cursor does not jump.

I am using Suse 11 ,2.6.25,20-0.5 default with KDE3.5.


Do you mean configure desktop?

I find it easier to write a script to execute something, then manually put a symbolic link to it in the autostart directory (which might well be in ~/.kde4/Autostart but I don’t really remember and I’m on the wrong OS right now to check…)

But it might well be in configure desktop / advanced.

My cursor keeps jumping around when typing. As given in the url below, I found that using this code


I can disable the touchpad. However everytime I login, it starts jumping around. I want to add the code in the start menu.


I’m not at a functioning KDE system right now, but as I said, I think autostart might be in configure desktop.

Otherwise, you can make the code you want into a script, then put a link to it in your autostart directory.

Try configure desktop, see if it works…

Confuseling;2049201]I’m not at a functioning KDE system right now, but as I said, I think autostart might be in configure desktop.

Configuring desktop does not have that feature

Otherwise, you can make the code you want into a script, then put a link to it in your autostart directory.

I will have to learn to write a script.

Not difficult (well… not a script like this anyway. :))

Make a file in a text editor (not a word processor, because it’ll fill it with invisible characters. Use nano, vim, kwrite, gedit, mousepad, something like that) with #!/bin/sh as the first line, then what you want executed.

syndaemon -t -d

Something like that. Save it as, say, ~/scripts/touchpad.sh

Now make it executable

chmod +x ~/scripts/touchpad.sh

Then make a link to it in autostart

ln -s ~/scripts/touchpad.sh ~/.kde4/Autostart/touchpad

Should work…

I will test it out. Many thanks

I dont know if that is a good solution. I mean… you could try changing the mouse driver … try a different one… worked for my notebook (Dell D630) with the same problem as you.

Why is it a bad solution? (On the assumption that he has a synaptics compatible touchpad… Which I probably should have checked :))

That`s why… is that a synaptic touchpad??!

In my defence, if it isn’t, it won’t do any harm…

I guess I just assumed that he’d have found that link after IDing his touchpad - but you are right, and point noted, I should have suggested to check.

How do I change the mouse driver?

It is a syaptic touchpad . The notebook is ASus F5.
The other post you suggested to change the mouse driver. If required, which will be the compatible one?


If it is a synaptics touchpad, you may well not want to.

You might find another driver that works well with it, but if you’re happy with the way it works generally (apart from this issue), it’s probably better to stick with it if possible…

Isn’t the script working?

What happens if you just run ‘syndaemon -t -d’ in a terminal?

I dont know if the code is effective, so removed the code.
See the problem is still there as I find typing very difficult. Sometimes it moves to some other line and starts typing or highlighting.
When I type ‘syndaemon -t -d’ the cursor becomes a ‘I’ shape and stays in one place. So I try it in a Word document but I have to type slow.

I don’t understand. When you run ‘syndaemon -t -d’ in a terminal, your touchpad freezes? It doesn’t produce any error messages or anything? Hit ctrl-c to exit it again, and see if it says anything.

Sorry - this one might well be past my level of understanding.

The touchpad does not freeze, the cursor is a lit well-behaved and so it lets me type. Or else, it jumps , highlights and even deletes sentences.
It is the cursor that gives me grief.
When running syndaemon , the cursor does not jump about.

But the reason to cursor is jumping is almost certainly because you have ‘tap to click’ enabled on your touchpad, and it’s interpreting you brushing against it as a click. Similarly, the reason it ‘autofills’ with text is because it thinks you’re tapping (probably with two fingers) and it’s interpreting that as a middle click, which in Linux means ‘paste whatever is selected’.

So what I’m asking you to do is to run a terminal, then put that code in, then minimize the terminal. Then open a word processor, or firefox, or whatever it is you’re having problems in, and see if the problems are still there - and if they aren’t, we can work on making it all happen automatically.

Ah - I think you edited your post (or I misread it… :))

So the syndaemon thing does work? Then you can try the instructions I put before so it runs it as a script. (note that you’ll have to make the scripts directory first, if you choose to put it in there - you would use ‘mkdir ~/scripts’)

Does that work?

1.Where do I check if touchpad is set to ‘tap to click’. I do not use any mouse. And yes it autofills.
2.I have already ran that code in the terminal.

sonroy@linux-8aqf:~> syndaemon -t -d
And as I said, sometimes it jumps around when using a word processor.
When I logout and login, I have to again type the code in the terminal.