July 2012 Screenshots

Don’t remember where I got this but check out that scene!

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When I migrated to linux architectural illustrations were a bit impossible to do.
As shown in the screenshot, things have changed radically.

Another screenshot, wallpaper is a kitchen I am currently working on blender 2.63a



Screen capture methods: screenshots or video screen capture
There are basically two different ways to “capture” the information displayed on your computer monitor: by taking a screenshot (also known as a screencapture, screencap, etc.) or by video screen capture (screencam, screencast, etc.). A screenshot is essentially a still photo of either part or all of your computer screen. A screencast, on the other hand, aims to record the continuous action taking place on your monitor. Imagine yourself being on vacation at the beach. Do you want to take a picture of the sunset? Or do you want video footage of it? Your choice depends on how you want to present this moment to your audience.

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I love the blender house designs I think those look fantastic! And to be on topic here is my desktop: http://i.minus.com/ibllkMndxEnrl6.png

Mine for July


My new desktop.


I just saw this… August 2nd, but so be it :slight_smile: