JRE defective and JAVA

I am attempting to transfer some word files from windows to SUSE. They were originally created in a table and I am getting error messages relative to subject line.
Please advise and thanks

You realy have to provide much, much more information. What level of openSUSE. What do you use when you get those error messages. What are the error messages. Where does the JAVA from your title tune in.

You seem to think that people here are doing the same thing you are trying as an every day bussiness and thus immideatly understand what you are doing. This is not the case. And we aren’t clairvoyant either.

Yes, a little more description will provide others clues necessary to assist you more definitively, rather than having to guess about the details.

These commands may provide some of that info

cat /etc/issue
su -c 'rpm -qa |grep java'

Answer these first, as well as more info about the error messages. (There may be more questions, before the issue is clear enough to solve properly).