jre and firefox on OpenSUSE 12.1

Why is it that when I do a fresh install there is no jre plugin enabled in firefox.
I have installed openjdk so that I can run Netbeans, but the browser plugin… I just cant find it.

This is not a way to get newbies… They just want it to work. I’m not complaining, I’m just saying that this is exactly the things that newcomers dont want to struggle with.

But… How can I enable it, anyone knows?

If using OpenJDK, you’ll need the icedtea-web package for your browser

FWIW, Installing and switching between Oracle (Sun) Java JRE and OpenJDK is also necessary for a small number of users. These references are useful for that:

SDB:Installing Java - openSUSE

Installing Oracle (sun) Java 1.7u1 openSUSE 12.1 | Free Techie Blog

Some have complained that the IcedTea-Web Plugin in firefox doesn’t cut it. For example

IcedTea-Web Plugin

However, I’m not sure if this has been resolved or not.

I meant to link to this thread:


I am pretty sure that this was not a problem with my install. I didn’t keep notes, so I am admittedly relying on memory.

My impression is this:

Install from DVD or NET install CD: java (with openjdk) works in firefox;
Install from live CD: then java won’t work until you install the plugin and perhaps the whole of openjdk.

My assumption has been that this is due to limitations in the space available on the live CD. And note that my live CD installs have been from the KDE version.