jpeg support of a web-server - how to check this

hello - and good day dear community,

today i have a question regarding a server.

i want to check if my server supports jpeg -

a friend told me

the server does not support JPEG images. Please see the attached screenshot:

well - see the attached image

is this true?

how to test this - can i verify it while looking at the php-info.
in which filed of the long information list can i check if the jpeg - support is up and running?

love to hear from you

  1. I do not see any of the screenshot(s) and/or image(s) you mention.
  2. What do you mean by support of JPEG by a web server? The only thing a web server (like Apache) has to do is knowing it has to send a JPEG file to the client/browser by saying in the HTTP header that goes with it, that the MIME type is image/jpeg. In the case of Apache, this is configured in /etc/apache2/mime.types as
image/jpeg                                       jpeg jpg jpe

which means that files having a suffix (in this configuration in the “Extensions” column) of .jpeg, .jpg or .jpe are send as image/jpeg to the browser.