Joystick: Not found at YaST Control Center

Good day everyone

I am trying to set my joystick to play some games but I can not even calibrate it.

I believe there should be a joystick settings at YaST Control Center under the Hardware along with the Sound, Scaner and Printer etc.

Where is my joystick options?

I am using Opensuse Leap 42.3 - XFCE

Thanks guys.

I think those settings are not in YAST but rather in CONFIGURE DESTKOP.
I do not have XFCE installed but I think you should find somewhere CONFIGURE DESKTOP under HARDWARE subsection find INPUT DEVICES in there you will see JOYSTICK settings.

Thanks budy.

I manage to find it at ‘imput devices’ under ‘KDE system settings’. Sort of what you said.
Although I am not sure I hat to have installed KDE. Anyways I will try to get rid of KDE and see if it works as well.
With KDE comes a tool to calibrate the joystick. This option seems not to be included on XFCE.
I may be back to say if it works without KDE installed.


see if it is under mouse and touchpad settings.