journalctl case insensitive search

I’m still getting use to journalctl. I understand that journalctl uses less, so I assumed it used the environmental variable for less, LESS, which is set to ignore-case during a search.

During a recent event I tried to search for “starting locale service”, and realized it was not working due to case. journalctl was doing a case sensitive search.

I checked the journalctl man page and other resources and could not find an answer. The man page says: “The output is paged through less by default”, and that was about it.

How do I get journalctl to do case insensitive searches, either by obeying the LESS environmental variable, its’ own variable, or something else?

What journalctl options do you find most useful?

Does any one direct messages to syslog and use logrotate, in addition to journald?


It is always best to prove such statements with copied/pasted computer evidence. Many problems have their source in slight typos and the like. Human people are very bad in finding such errors of their own. Others are not biased by that and might see what you don’t. But then they have to be fed with all the facts that are possible to provide.