Joining a series of vidio/audio files

:shame:Hi all this is my first post on your forum… I’m new to the work of Linux and i have a quick question that i am sure you all have been asked in the past a 1000 time. I am trying to join about 3 video file and have an audio track over the top. Nothing major and to give you an idea how basic it needs to be, I used windows movie maker in the past. I can’t figure out how to do it! I had a flick through the web and some people recommended Avidmux. I installed it and i can edit one video file with no audio but if i try to incorporate a second file it just opens a new window! Has anyone got any ideas on good video editing software. Thanks in advance Leigh the Noob…:shame:

Use Kdenlive, it’s available in the Packman repo. It can do the things you want to do, and lots more.

Do you want to create a result with several parallel video streams (yes
something like that is possible) or do you simply want to append several
video streams to an existing one.

The first I never did, the second can be done with avidemux, look into the
file menu there is a append function (I do not know if this is the menu
entry you see in english because I see it in german).

Otherwise if you need a more powerfull video editor you should have a look
at kdenlive.

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Thanks for the reply, I installed Kdenlive but i cant seem to get it to read Mpeg, AVI or WMV’s? All the files play through VLC but they wont load in to Kdenlive. All I was looking at doing is to have 3 files play one after the other with an audio track playing through all the video files.

Any ideas as to if it read these files would be great and how to get it to would be better.

Thanks for all of your help so far.