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Hello, I am submitting jobs in background using &. If I keep the shell opened, the jobs keep running, but if I close the shell, the jobs are killed. I am submitting the jobs as follow: 1- login into a server S1 with NIS and NFS (this server is just for login and file share), 2- from S1, login into server S2. In S2 we have the computational software installed and it’s were the jobs will be run, 3- run the calculations in background, adding & at the end of the command in the prompt. 4- logout from S2 5- logout from S1 Is this a linux problem or could be related with the software (MOPAC) I am using to run the jobs? Thanks Hatuey

It’s hard to guess from that.

One possibility is that they are being sent a SIGHUP signal. Have you tried running them with “nohup”?

I will try.


I have a vague feeling in my memory that somebody decided that it is better to kill background jobs when the originating session logs out. Excactly what you describe. (don’t ask me what the arguments are to change this after tens of years of it being as you and I expect it to work).

The stupid thing about vague feelings is that I do not know where to find the information and thus where to find how to undo this setting. Some Googling needed?

Systemd maybe it has a strict parent child structure???:\

I found this one: https://serverfault.com/questions/115999/if-i-launch-a-background-process-and-then-log-out-will-it-continue-to-run
Did not read or check, but it may help you.

BTW, while systemd is a beast with many feet, I doubt it has anything to do with this.

Thank you @gogalthorp and @hcvv