Job vacancies at Microsoft Poland (very very soon)

Head (geddit) 'shopper. Chief of not being unnecessarily crass. Entire advertising department; you name it - it’s up for grabs.

Microsoft apologises over race-swap gaffe | Technology |

I know - it’s kinda low mocking people for things like this. Large organization, slips through the cracks, yadayada. It’s just kinda hard not to…

[The disturbing thing is the guy even looks superimposed in the original photo… :)]

The picture is even more revealing of MS attitudes; the three people in the picture are all looking up to an invisible boss.

This is not the image of a collegiate/collaborative company but of a top-down organisation where people put on false smiles when the boss is around.

Would they be smiling so much otherwise?

Also, they edited the Apple logo from the Macbook that’s on the desktop and the monitor has no cables :slight_smile:


I’m not 100% convinced that’s her arm, either.

Oh dear oh dear.

M$ should have responded by putting out a communique saying that “our photos are modelled by dummies; no real people are depicted; we just happened to screw on a different head so that’s why it doesn’t match the hand; so what’s the fuss about?” rotfl!

I have to say the photoshopdisasters blog they link to is freaking hilarious as well. In a kind of frightening way.


> the monitor has no cables

that is the latest big deal coming with Win7: WirelessMonitor

shsssss…it is secret, don’t tell anyone!