JEOS doesnt open Qt Apps


I created a JEOS image to work on embedded board (Intel Atom N450).I added softwares about qt devel, razor also xterm ,xrandr but they all doesnt work :
xterm: “Xt error :Cant open display: %s”
qt apps : "calculator: cannot open X server "

do I need add any package for openSuse jeos to open Qt apps?

pls help me to solve this problem.

If I write “xinit ./calculator -qws” it works but when I try “./calculator -qws” it doesnt work cannot connect X server.

Pls help to solve this.

Which desktop. note you must be running X to run a graphic app.

Install xhost and then run xhost +localhost and try again.

I am using Ubuntu 14.04 as a Desktop, I just want to work Qt apps on frame buffer I dont want to use X.I will try xhost +localhost.

Ah so you are remotely connecting via ssh to the box?

If so, you need to allow the SUSE box to connect to your Ubuntu Xorg - you need to set the display variable to point to your Ubuntu desktop.