Javascript broken in chromium

Hi All,
As the title suggests, I think something has broken javascript in my chromium installation. I’ve tried updating chromium and reinstalling/updating my java installation. Neither of these has helped. To give you an idea of the behavior I’m seeing this page does not have buttons, but pictures of all the buttons. Clicking them does nothing. Also, gmail’s regular interface will not load. Functionality seems entirely normal (so far) in firefox. Any help would be appreciated, as I really have no idea how to go about debugging this. I’m on openSUSE 11.3 64-bit. If you need more information, just let me know.

Chromium is just fine here. Gmail is OK
You ought to have given some URL’s of problem pages so we can test the same.

You may also have confused Java with Javascript. They are different languages.

As a regular user of Chromium, I can confirm that there have been some regressions in the most recent version. I assume they will be fixed shortly - up to 10, I had no problems with Chromium.

Thanks for the responses. It was definitely java script that was broken, as any page that contained javascript would not load properly. However, the problem seems to have resolved itself, with no intervention on my part. My best guess is that I was having network issues.