Java plug in on Firefox + no sound.

Hi there. I have a costumer who asked for a Firefox update, I made the update and everything was working fine. Today he called me and explain that in some sites like youtube a prompt ask for the newest version of flash player. Installed that but Java plug in does not appears on Firefox add ons. Looks like the java plug in must be for 32bits in firefox, instead of 64bits, downloaded and installed 32bit version of the Java plug in. Firefox still shows the same error: For your safety, Firefox has disabled your outdated version of Java. Please upgrade to the latest version.

Have no idea why it is not working, I have the same laptop with the same system and firefox and works pretty good.

p.s. he just call me again and now he can not hear anything on firefox.

I have had the Java Plugin disabled for I can’t remember how long, and find no need for it.

Depending on which Java is installed he needs either Java Plug-in 6u38.or Java Plug-in 1.7.0_10.

I have 1.7.0_10 installed.

He may want to Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems | Firefox Help and see if that fixes his problems.

Every now and then my wife complains she can’t access her banking site. I absolutely requires javaTM, the real deal, as bad as it may be.

When Oracle bought Sun (the owner of Java) they soon after changed it’s licensing so it can’t be put on a distro update repo, it has to be downloaded from their site.

Because of this, since the last couple versions firefox has a security feature that disables the java plugin when it thinks it’s outdated, or perhaps when Oracle cares to issue a bugfix or so. You can either update the plugin - there are many tutorials on this, as I only want the plugin it’s usually a question of downloading the whole package and extracting the plugin to the right folder - or if you are in a hurry you can reenable the outdated plugin, as it is not removed. IINM you can do this from the about:plugins page in ff, but it would be good practice to mind the security issues and update the **** thing as soon as possible.

This link has the latest version of java 6 for opensuse

Index of /repositories/home:/enzokiel/openSUSE_12.2_Update

Thanks for the help guys.

I de-installed java and installed the latest version again. Firefox keeps telling that the Java plug in is disabled, I tried to enable it again but the plug in does not appear on the plugins list.

Did you create (recreate) the symbolic link?

Pick the Instructions for your flavor of Java.

Java Downloads for All Operating Systems

Looks like Firefox show this error even when the Java is enabled and on the latest version. I tested on my laptop, my laptop works even with that error.

So now the problem is with the flash player, everytime user enters on youtube it prompts an error saying that he needs to install last flash version, will try to solve that today.

De-installed flash player and installed again.

Keeps showing the same error:

Got with the solution. I installed firefox 17 from Mozilla webpage, I was wrong. I go to and installed firefox from there, now works fine without errors.

Thanks for the help anyway. :wink: