Java over the network will not execute

Hello guys.

I am one of those who struggle to use Linux because the whole workplace uses the other OS. Hopefully I did it, but we have a java school-booking-classes system in an Ubuntu Server. This server works as a file server as well. I can see the server and use it but the system will not run. I have sun Java installed and I got some other programs made in Java to test the Java itself.They executed fine. So, It makes me think that Java will not run through a network without some setting up.

This is my doubt and I would really appreciate the help. I will install openSuse in every machine here, but for that to happen the system must run.



From the description you posted, I don’t understand your exact problem. What are you trying to do? If the Ubuntu server is a file server, are you mounting that file system on your local machine? Or, are you accessing it as a SAMBA (Windows like) server?

Let’s go. Sorry for not explaining well.
The file server I access using SAMBA, I can see, read and write there, but when I try to run the system, it just will not go. KDE starts it then it fades. When I run other programs in my home folder made in Java, they ran fine using the java -jar command.
Another strange thing. When I was testing Ubuntu and Mint the system ran fine, but in Mandriva, openSUSE and Kubuntu not. It makes me think it is a KDE-Java issue.
On the file server I can open PDF files and video files but not text ones. Open Office will not open them there either.

I have broken my head too much, that is why I am here asking for help. Just to mention. I tested many distros and openSuse got my heart. I will not install Ubuntu to make the system run although I really need it.

SAMBA is good for Windows environment and if you are accessing SAMBA shares from another machine, they do not act exactly like a “mounted” file system. So, many of the applications (including openoffice) may not find those files in the shared folder as regular files of a “file system”. (I am not an expert on SAMBA, so, someone else may respond to this with better answers).

Better way to access them from Linux is via NFS. Otherwise, you can ssh into that machine and run the application.

Also, your environment does not look very good. Normally, one does not provide a Java application on a server and ask others to run directly from that. It is one of the crudest ways of providing application access.

You are so right! It is cruel. One thing you must know is about our programmer. He is the one who, instead of using that changed his little company into Linux. Then, his server running his system is Ubuntu. If it were not by him I would be alone in my world. I will try what you said and I appreciate your patience in answering me today.

You may see more posts.I will get good on this.

Thanks again