Java on Firefox/chrome etc broken on 11.3???


I managed to install (fresh install) the 11.3 on my laptop.
I was running at the past the Ubuntu 10.04.

I see that there is NO way to have java on Firefox (chrome too!).
I search the forums and I read some solutions like re-install java/firefox etc, I did almost all of them. now when I visit sites that use java I got no error from firefox.

It seems that the Java is broken(?!)…or is not working in the 11.3 (?!)

for example this site:

NetDania Charts | Forex Charts from DailyFX


Java might not be properly installed or activated in the browser.

On Ubuntu it was a simply ln -s of the into the …firefox/plugins/

Now , I did this … but in vain!



So I have openSUSE 11.3 installed and I have Sun Java loaded and I have no problem displaying the site you reference. I suggest you open the Yast / Software Management and then search for Java. Make sure you are loading Sun Java 1_6_0 Sun, Sun-Alsa and Sun-Plugin. Further, if you find any version of Java labeled as openjdk I suggest you remove it as it seems to cause Sun Java to not work.

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What jdmcdaniel3 said. Don’t know about Sun-alsa though, don’t have it and never needed it. I can confirm that I just did a clean install of 11.3/KDE and java works fine on FF 3.6.6-1.5, the website you link to works fine. My version of FF is the newest from the mozilla repo, I upgraded to fix a problem that turned out not to be FFs fault. But, there you go.

A MILLION THANX!!! it works!!

It seems that the Sun-Plugin needed , as I had the Sun java - and openjdk , but I removed the openjdk as you wrote…

Thank you very mush for the help!



Wow, I love it when a suggestion works! Happy to be of help xotto. Dwarfer99 also confirmed the requirements though he question the alsa plugin which I don’t know is required, but it does not take up that much space and may help the audio, but I am not sure. In any event, we were happy to be of help. Please do not hesitate to come back and ask for additional help if it is required.

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For me works in firefox but in chrome not works…

I try to create a plugins directory and symbolic link but the result is the same…

Any ideas?

Just installed the Chrome (was uninstalled, as I could not see the java too there) and Java works on Chrome too!

IN general chrome/chromium has java issues, I’m able to load particular sites with Java in firefox but chrome tells me java is not enabled when i KNOW it’s enabled. Happens in windows as well, that’s a google issue i think

Yes, I too usually use the sun-java version rather than openjdk (I put a lock/taboo on openjdk so that it doesn’t get picked up automatically by Yast - which happens sometimes) - makes it easier to install JDK too sun-java-devel package

I had the same problem using the Sun files now and in Firefox it works but as said above in chrome it still wont work

Same resolution: java failure with openjdk. OK with sun files. Java now works fine with Firefox and Opera.
Macbook Pro - Opensuse 11.3 - KDE 4.4.4