JAVA games run slow

Trying to get an old Pc working on openSUSE. All software now seems to be working as i want thanks to some users on this forum.

However now I have Java installed, games are running about 3-4 times slower than expected.

This is evident from playing a game with a timer - It counts up and takes about 4 seconds between each in game second.

I assume its the graphics driver - but I might be completely wrong.

the card is pretty generic but looking at the IC I have the following numbers

0124T   B9209

I have found the following driver but don’t know where to start to install it on openSUSE

Download Drivers - Video Adapters - Other Companies - AMIC - trident AMIC A276308A-70 -

not really sure how I found it but I think the driver I have is a Trident Cyberblade (which I think relates to an old Laptop graphics card)

Where’s the equivalent to devise manager in xfce?

sorry to bump but I could really use some help on this

just a bit more info to give. Screen savers also run incredible slow on my system as well