Java DNS lookup problems since update to openSUSE 12.1 (& java repo change)


I have updated my system to openSUSE 12.1 last weekend and since then i encounter many error in Java DNS access ( errors). I am aware java is no longer on non-oss and i have enabled the recommended java repo*. My problem looks exactly like: linux - Domain name resolution not working in Java Applications on Ubuntu64 9.04 machine. All other software resolves DNS correctly - Stack Overflow and the “solution” there to make java prefer IPv4 works for me ( The 2nd link (#477211 - ia32-sun-java6-bin: Needs to depend on lib32nss-mdns - Debian Bug report logs]( seems to suggest there is a dependency issues. I straced my test java application, but could not see anything like what that bug report speaks of (tried to look for other loading errors, but they all seem to be found eventually).

Any clues, i don’t want to change all my scripts and jnlp scripts to use the