Java broken in FF3.5 after critical Java update

It seems this is my week of problems. I did a critical Java update this morning and now Java support if FF3.5 is broken. As soon as I go to a site with java FF locks up. I’ve tried deleting the cache and cookies for the sites (which seemed to sort things in the past) but it doesn’t help.

Doing an about: plugins shows java installed and enabled, but I noticed that description is IcedTea. Looking at YAST I see a number of java packages installed an wonder if these are conflicting. I have tried reinstalling them but that hasn’t helped.](
Anything there that doesn’t look right. Why do we have a java-1_6_0-openjdk-plugin and a java-1_6_0-sun_plugin? From the desription they both seem to do the same thing.

Remove jdk packages and leave sun
Like this

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Thanks. That did the trick.

No worries. happy to help;)