java and konqueror


i use opensuse 11 64 bits…

i installed openjdk 64bits, java work with firefox… but not with konqueror

when i try to access an applet, konqueror display:

 alt="Your browser understands the <APPLET> tag but isn't running the applet, for some reason."

any idea?


Sorry I have not used openjdk.

I use the 64 bit version of 11.0 and have installed the standard version of konqueror and java 32 bit version (plus plug-in). This works fine for most java based sites.

I have the 64 bit version of Firefox (which obviously won’t work with java) and as a back up for the odd java site that won’t work with konqueror - I have installed the 32 bit of seamonkey. This works perfectly for the dozen or so java sites that I have tried.

don’t want to do that…

there are surely somebody who use konqueror 64 bits with java 64 bits…

I not really sure but you reminded me I had troubles, as this is on another distro can’t be 100% sure where you need to point it.

/opt/jdk/jre/bin/java now pointing konqueror to here for me I can play things like this in Konq Play Dropheads Game Online - Arcade Town .com

Hopefully that will help, I have installed icedtea6, who owns that above file I presume there’s a similar one with the other choice.

Hopefully that helps or puts you in the right direction.

d a m n now I need to find a java game not so sure now…

Edit OK this is and works Play Javanoid Game Online - Arcade Town .com

How do I test whether Java is working on my computer? - 1.4.2_xx, 1.5.0, 6.0

As far as I know java works OoTB also on 64bits systems, does on mine :slight_smile:
In Konqueror but not in firefox. :frowning:

Using openjdk/icedtea will fix Firefox but afaik it will replace java, so you need to re-point konqueror to openjdk/icedtea.

I now have java on both FF also in checking at Sun Java it will tell me I’ve not got it. Yet this site never lies don’t know why but using the Sun site will not confirm icedtea is working and I also presume openjdk.

Java Tester - What Version of Java Are You Running?

Konqueror uses Java directly or something, but firefox needs the plugin which isn’t available by Sun’s Java but Openjdk/icedtea have an implementation.