Java 1.6 missing from 10.2 repo?

I just noticed after doing a system update that one of my apps doesn’t work. It requires Java 1.6. I’m pretty sure I had Java 1.6 installed before doing the system update otherwise my app wouldn’t have run. Has Java 1.6 been eliminated from the following repo?:

Index of /repositories/Java:/addon/openSUSE_10.2

My version of openSuSE is 10.2. Would it make sense to try the 10.3 or 11.0 repos instead? Or will that screw things up?

Thanks for your replies!

You can simply acquire the Java (JRE / JDK) from (the RPM version of course) and use that to install Java 1.6 for your SuSE box.

Thanks, I did that. But when I try to reinstall my application, the installer can’t find it:

linux-8nle:/archive_b4/Downloads/HotForward # java -jar HotForward-1.1-Installer.jar
The application that you are trying to install requires a 1.6 version or later of the Java platform.
You are running a 1.4.2 version of the Java platform.
Please upgrade to a newer version.

I guess I could keep the old version installed, but then I’d have to change all the paths manually to reflect the new JRE. Wish I hadn’t done that system update :mad: