java-1_6_0 openjdk javadoc on netbeans

Hi, i have downloaded the package, but i don’t know
how to install that on netbeans.

Any suggestions?

Also i don’t seem to get any import suggestions
from netbeans. Any suggestions to this too?

Ok, the javadoc problem is solved, now i need to solve
the import problem…

Please help.

What import problems? Your posts are a bit too brief!
If netbeans is giving your problems regarding javadoc and you’re not yet familiar with it you may want to give eclipse a try instead. Javadoc can be created with it out of the box via file > export

Hi, what i want to say is best described by the following image:](

Note: The javadoc problem is solved, it was my bad :slight_smile:

Ok, the problem is solved by upgrading to the latest version from
the education repo. All the instructions are updated to the relative page