Jar application not starting

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this open source community and presently using Open Suse 12.3.

I have an application which works by jar file. Its setup runs smoothly and it installs the application, but when tried to open the application by its jar file it shows following error.

Warning: Could not find ‘/home/username/Application name/(File created by setup).jar’, starting ‘/bin/bash’ instead. Please
check your profile settings.

Please help me thru.


Welcome to the openSUSU community Parag :slight_smile:

Execute it via the java command:

java -jar /home/username/Application name/(File created by setup).jar

Check out the following more info

man java

I’ve met this a couple of times (f.e. the early Minecraft versions):

Sometimes the java app does not have a correct PATH environment. In such cases the app works is one does:

cd /path/to/(application name)/
java -jar ./(Application to run).jar

EDIT: BTW, welcome !!