January 2014 Screenshots

Seems like you do a monthly thread for this sort of thing, so I guess I may as well start this one off.


Up until yesterday I was on Xfce, but I’m trying out Razor-qt just out of curiosity. I’m retaining Xfwm4 though 'cause I haven’t found a replacement Openbox theme yet (what difference does it make anyway). And yes, I’m not mad about openSUSE branding or fanboyism, I approach operating systems just as they are. I’m still on 12.3, don’t see a reason to upgrade just yet. My second monitor was disabled for this shot.

Here’s a page of most of my desktops from the past year or so. Course, wasn’t on SUSE the entire time. Anyway, I’ve rambled on to much, so I’ll leave the rest of the thread to you.

My openSUSE-Tumbleweed_x86-64_Xfce4 with Xfwm4. (Inspired by openSUSE KDE Plasma)…


Full Size Image: http://i.imgur.com/O5gKOmn.png?1

Full Size image: http://i.imgur.com/3evLa5k.png

I am looking for a good ‘openSUSE green’ Icon theme… any pointer will be appreciated.

How about this:

It’s done with the oxygen-colors theme, which was on kde-look.org, but it seems withdrawn by it’s creator. But … some dutch Arch user still provides a link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4514366/oxygencolors/v6.3/.tar.bz2
Download it, use the “Install theme” button, browse to the download and install it. Don’t apply it yet.
Now comes the good part:
Open a terminal window and do:

cd ~/.kde4/share/icons/oxygencolors(v6.3)
chmod 755 *sh

To get the green icons I use, type “folder”, and pick #30.

Another option: oxygen-ionized-icon-theme-4.6.2-29.1. Based on the old Oxygen 4.6.2 theme, looking very similar to the theme that Knurpht posted.

Available from the openSUSE OBS repo: http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/D_E:/oxygen-ionized/openSUSE_Tumbleweed/noarch/oxygen-ionized-icon-theme-4.6.2-29.4.noarch.rpm

Although from the Tumbleweed repo this works OK with 12.x and 13.1 release versions.

Thanks Knurpht and tannington for the pointer to the themes.

However I have one question:
The themes you have pointed to are for KDE and I am using Xfce-GTK. Won’t there be any issues if apply the themes you guys point to?
Also I don’t know how to use KDE ‘oxygen’ themes with GTK, I have never done this before… In fact I have never used KDE. I am not really sure if KDE specific themes can be applied to GTK system.

Thanks again.

The GTK/KDE icon themes are “reasonably” interchangeable – however, there are slight icon naming differences. Depending upon how the icon set was created, there may or may not be, sym-links to cater for the differences.

The set that Knurpht gave the link for, I believe from memory, includes sym-links. The one from OBS I gave, doesn’t.

Try it and see, you can always revert back to the icon set you’re currently using. :wink: